DSC_9022(1)Truth be told, when I was creating my new website I struggled a great deal with writing a new “About Me” page. Like all things I don’t enjoy doing I left it until the very end. When I read other artists about me pages I always find them dry, and uninteresting and loathed the thought of mine being equally boring. I kept myself awake many nights trying to decipher the code that would unlock the most interesting and engaging about me page. It is now apparent to me that there is no formula and that clearly I was over-thinking the whole ordeal. It is impossible to truly know someone after reading a quick paragraph so I invite you to contact me so we can get to know each other the old fashioned way – in person. In the meantime here are a few words that I have been told describe me…



FRIENDLY                            INTELLIGENT                             Animal LOVER

                   approachable         Quick-witted

GOOD LISTENER                     KIND